March 1, 2011

Iphone apps for EFL learners

I was showing some apps I have in my iphone to a friend of mine today when she asked me what apps she could download to her iphone to help her revise English.

After checking out various posts, these are the ones I'd like to recommend so far:

VOCABAHEAD - A word a day


LEVEL:  Advanced Learners

 VOCABAHEAD - SAT Vocabulary
There's a FREE version

Fun and intuitive way to learn hundreds of new words using humorous illustrations with audio. You have a list of words to learn from, with examples and drawings.



Watch words glide through your screen, some words may pause and show their definition, you can hear the word and add it to your favourites by tapping on +

Watch an overview

GENGO Language Audio Flashcards  (also in English)


1. You learn the words/ sound with flashcards with images.
2. You test your knowledge by playing a game where you have to click on the image according to the word you hear.

I have this application in French and use it every day.
Really recommend it.

LEVEL: Beginner - Pre-Intermediate

LEARNING ENGLISH with the New York Times


Improve your reading, listening and vocabulary.

 If you have already used Quizlet to make your own flashcards with words and definitions, you can use the following site to have access to your flashcard sets.



Apple iPhone Accessories said...

Many phone applications are being released by phone developers from time to time. I'm a student and I'm lucky that I have downloaded few of application which serves as educational tool for my school. There's no need for me to visit the library or open my computer.

Travis G said...
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Travis G said...

I wrote an app for the iphone recently that may be helpful for EFL individuals.

Scholar Reader is a reading assistant / personal dictionary. You paste an article in to the app and then when you read, if there is a word you don’t know, you double tap for the definition. This definition is then added to your personal dictionary which you can later reference or email to yourself to study offline.

It costs $0.99, but if you or your students would like to give it a try I got 25 codes to download if for free. Email me I'll give you one of the codes.