October 16, 2011

Create cool posters and flyers with SMORE

Although the site is still in its beta version and an invite is needed to join it, we can already imagine its potential in education. The site allows you to create online flyers and posters by adding text, images, videos, gallery of photos, map, testimonials, events and so on.

A Cupcake Story from Smore on Vimeo.

How can we  use it with students?

  • create online flyers for school events. Or even better, ask students to create different flyers for the same school event.
  • students can create posters about topics they are researching about.
  • students can create posters about different celebrations throughout the school year.

October 8, 2011

Flying in my Dreams

I've always dreamed of watching a performance of Cirque du Soleil. What I like about it? I love the way they have turned the circus into a stage of pure ART, full of enchantment, wonderful music and jaw-dropping performances.

Next week, it is my birthday and last week I got the BEST PRESENT EVER. Guess what?
Yes, a ticket to see the show Varekai from Cirque du Soleil in São Paulo. Although, I could not take pictures during the show (it's forbidden), let me share a bit of one of the most poetic moments.


SpeakerDeck - turn PDF into a slideshow

I've just discovered via @dkapuler a post from the fantastic blog Free Technology for Teachers a site which allows you to transform a pdf file into a slideshow which can be embedded online.

SPEAKERDECK - http://speakerdeck.com

We use the Promethean E-board at the school where I teach and a way to share the files we use during our lessons would be to export it as a pdf. The possibility to turn it into a slideshow is more visually appealing, I guess.

* I still haven't found a way to diminish the size of the player.