May 25, 2011

70 Tools in 70 minutes (by Silvia Tolisano)

I'd like share this fantastic presentation by Silvia Tolisano about webtools we can use to help reach our teaching goals. Check out her wonderful blog "THE LANGWITCHES BLOG"

               "It's about looking at tools to see which one will help you accomplish teaching and learning of 21st Century skills & litteracies"

May 22, 2011

#BReltChat - discussion group for Brazilian teachers

Last Thursday night, I had the pleasure to participate with other Brazilian EFL teachers in a discussion about "MOTIVATION". #BReltChat is a initiative by Bruno Andrade, inspired by the #ELTchat discussions which happen in twitter with teachers worldwide.

Apart from moderating discussions which take place every Thursday 9:30 PM (Brasília time), a group of teachers have been publishing a summary of what has been discussed in the #BReltChat BLOG and have interviewed several well known teachers about the topics discussed.

The Blog

Some interviews

Interview about Dogme with Scott Thornbury from Henrick Oprea on Vimeo.

May 15, 2011

Learning with/from Janet Bianchini

I love following Janet's Bianchini's blog "Civitaquana - Janet's Abruzzo's blog"

What I like about it? I love her creative ideas, love the way she uses comics and photo editing tools to make her images even more interesting, love the happy tone of her posts and am enchanted with how willing she is to exchange ideas, help and share.

Well, you can imagine how happy I was when she accepted my invitation to present her session to us:  "Digital Storytelling in the Digital Era" . We had very few attendees (maybe because it was Sat. morning), nevertheless, we had a great time learning from her.

This is the ppt she used during her talk:

I loved her idea of using different webtools to narrate the same story.
You can listen to her session HERE. Click VIEW RECORDING.
As we waited for more attendees to join us, my suggestion is to let the recording upload a bit and then watch it as of 18 mins after the beginning of the recording.

Create your own Animation

May 7, 2011

15 Cool things to do with YOUTUBE VIDEOS

This is the collection of links I shared in Twitter today.
They are all Youtube related sites.
Click on the image to see the JOGTHE WEB page

May 4, 2011

Task Challenge #6 - Dialogue (Agreeing and Disagreeing)

The aim of the lesson was to help students create dialogues where they would discuss a topic and agree/ disagree with each other. (Book used: Face2Face Upper Intermediate)

The proposed task

I was amazed at the number of cell phones which could record audio in class. I'll definitely use them for recording more often. My students created the dialogues in class (in pairs / trios), I had a look at it for more serious mistakes and then they practised reading the dialogue, trying not to speak too fast and to sound as natural as possible. Students then used their cell phones to record their dialogue. Many of them had to record themselves 7 or 8 times before they were happy with the result.
Isn't it wonderful? Which other way would students read the same dialogue 8 TIMES.

These are some of their recordings:

Topic: Friends give the best advice

Topic: 20 is a good age to get married

All their recordings have been shared in the SCHOOL WIKI