May 4, 2011

Task Challenge #6 - Dialogue (Agreeing and Disagreeing)

The aim of the lesson was to help students create dialogues where they would discuss a topic and agree/ disagree with each other. (Book used: Face2Face Upper Intermediate)

The proposed task

I was amazed at the number of cell phones which could record audio in class. I'll definitely use them for recording more often. My students created the dialogues in class (in pairs / trios), I had a look at it for more serious mistakes and then they practised reading the dialogue, trying not to speak too fast and to sound as natural as possible. Students then used their cell phones to record their dialogue. Many of them had to record themselves 7 or 8 times before they were happy with the result.
Isn't it wonderful? Which other way would students read the same dialogue 8 TIMES.

These are some of their recordings:

Topic: Friends give the best advice

Topic: 20 is a good age to get married

All their recordings have been shared in the SCHOOL WIKI

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