October 29, 2008

EVO Images try out

I decided to try out some of the sites we´ve been bookmarking for EVO (Electronic Village Online) 2009 and see how they look.

  • This is a tool made using FlickrIn- you select the tag, choose how many lines you want, generate the image and then grab the code.

How to use it with students?
Why not ask them to describe the pictures to each other?
They could also write a story based on the images.
Or describe one picture for their partner to guess the right picture.

this is a GUESTBOOK you can add to your web page from imageloop People can leave their messages and pictures.

Create your own guestbook with your foto for MySpace, Facebook or your website! view this guestbook with all comments

A friend of mine used a guestbook in her blog to have her students post pictures and descriptions of their pets. The project looked really cute.

October 10, 2008

Playing with photo editing

Yesterday, we literally had a delicious class. We celebrated 4 birthdays in one day, mine, Thais´, Marcelo´s and Julia´s. Each student brought either a snack or a drink and we used the last minutes of class to have a GOOD TIME. Now that I decided to share the pictures, here I am playing with some photo editors. It´s such great fun!

First , using slide.com, I added a message to a picture where Karol appears eating one of the snacks

Then, with dumpr.net, I created a scene where someone is taking our picture (the niver people) ahahahaha
Digital Camera Fun
Created with dumpr.net - fun with your photos

some more effects from slide.com

Cindy and Thais in a polaroid poster made with dumprnet
Digital Camera Fun
Created with dumpr.net - fun with your photos

Blowing 4 candles, collaborative work!
Digital Camera Fun
Created with dumpr.net - fun with your photos

October 3, 2008

Imagechef- IMAGES

This is a great site I´m exploring and wanted to share with other teachers. At imagechef.com you can find all kinds of templates to personalize your message or create an image to illustrate a post. You can personalize a birthday cake and send the image to a friend, use photo frames for your photos, create a great visual for your poetry, find animations, and much more.

ImageChef.com - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

October 1, 2008

WOICES - real listening

Woices is a site where people record their impressions of places they are at the moment or places they´ve been to. Unfortunately to EFL teachers, there are very few recordings in English, most of them are in Spanish but I guess as people start using it we´ll have more listening material in English. Once you like an "echo" you can get an embed code for your webpage.

How can we use this site with students?
  • you can ask students to choose a place in the map, listen to a recording and then talk about it in class.
  • you can ask students to write about a place they´ve been to and then recordtheir echo at WOICES.
  • students then can listen to each other echoes and write about the most interesting ones.
  • Any other ideas?

This is an echo I´ve found about the Galapagos Island (it´s in Spanish).

This is my very first echo about the "Perito Moreno Glacier"

Click on the ZOOM to have a better look at the picture.


This is a funny site I found yesterday. After downloading your picture, you star your own "Super Hero video", it´s a bit strange though. I have no idea how we could you use with students except for entertaining purposes. Wanted to share any way.