October 29, 2008

EVO Images try out

I decided to try out some of the sites we´ve been bookmarking for EVO (Electronic Village Online) 2009 and see how they look.

  • This is a tool made using FlickrIn- you select the tag, choose how many lines you want, generate the image and then grab the code.

How to use it with students?
Why not ask them to describe the pictures to each other?
They could also write a story based on the images.
Or describe one picture for their partner to guess the right picture.

this is a GUESTBOOK you can add to your web page from imageloop People can leave their messages and pictures.

Create your own guestbook with your foto for MySpace, Facebook or your website! view this guestbook with all comments

A friend of mine used a guestbook in her blog to have her students post pictures and descriptions of their pets. The project looked really cute.


Dennis said...

Oí, Aninha.

You never cease to amaze me!

The two tools (Flickrin and the Imageloop guestbook) that you demonstrated in your "EVO Images Try-Out" post seem to offer all kinds of potential. I plan to try both of them myself!

Thanks, Aninha, for being such an intrepid adventurer and evaluator for what's available to enrich our own online experiences and those of our students and classes!


Dennis in Phoenix

Unknown said...

Dear Dennis,

Thanks for you never ending support. I literally go crazy when I find interesting stuff which could enrich our classes.

Dennis said...

Oí, Aninha.

Yes, your enthusiastic interest in sharing new things is obvious—and I admire it greatly! I always find myself wondering what new discoveries you'll demonstrate!

You're an inspiration!

All the best—


stella said...

Dear Anamaria and Dennis, thank you for being my ever teachers! Believe it or not I always learn something COOL from Ana´s "intrepid character" and Dennis' ubiquitus comments!