November 1, 2008

WOICES - Part 2 - Jericoacoara

It came as a great surprise to me to hear that the voice I had created in is one of the most popular echoes. I talked about a glacier I visited in Argentina. In fact I just wanted to try out the tool and I really enjoyed not only making it but also listening to other echoes (recordings).

So what you do is, you create a free account, select on goggle maps the location you would like to refer to, upload an image, record you audio and that´s it, you have made an echo. It offers you an embed code which you can copy to add it to your page. The tool is really interesting not only for EFL teachers but also to geography and history teachers. I can see a great potential for projects here. Check out my woices:

1st echo- PERITO MORENO - Argentina

2nd echo - JERICOACOARA - Brazil

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