November 14, 2008

Most used tools

I haven´t written for so long that I felt the need to say why. First, let me share with you how my interaction with my computer works. Once I turn it on, these are the sites I visit/ use everyday.

First, I go to my orkut page and have a look if I have forgotten any birthday. I also have a look at the photos + videos people have published recently. Orkut is huge in Brazil and it´s a great way to keep social contact with my students, friends and family.

Secondly, I open my twirl and check twits. I see who is online by checking who has twitted recently and explore links people suggest.

Then I open Pownce in order to check what my colleagues (from the school I work at) have been producing and sharing. We use Pownce to share ppts, exercises, lesson plans, videos we plan to use in class. I also check what my students have been writing (my students have been interacting with students from Mexico) .
  • I check my e-mails in yahoo by quickly browsing and selecting what is urgent to read and reply.
This is what I manage to do on a daily basis. At this time of the year, I´m so worn out and stressed thinking of the hundreds of things I still have to do that I end up not having much time to post here.

These are some of the projects I´m involved with recently / and my priorities:
- I have been trying to learn how to use the e-board which has been recently installed at school.
- I have to complete my online training for Cambridge examiners before the 20 Nov.
- I need to find time to give a hand at the planning of our session at the next EVO.
- My students have been interacting with Mexican students (Elena Delgado´s) so I have to keep an eye on that and keep it going.

Well, have to go now. Hope these weeks go by VERY FAST.


Brett said...

Hey, thanks for all of the great we resources you post! I think you might like this link:

Animated Fireworks

Brett said...

correction [web]