August 28, 2010


I love memorization tools.
This week a colleague of mine, Geórgia, showed me a site she'd come accross. We both decided we needed to explore it and see how to use it with our sts.

I was happy to see DEMOGIRL has already made one of her great tutorials about MEMORIZENOW. Watch and Learn.

  • Paste a dialogue you wish your students to memorize. Use the Memorize button to work with repetition in the classroom.
  • Paste sentences with grammar structure to be memorized.
  • Paste poems for sts to memorize.
  • Paste minisagas for memorization.

August 20, 2010

Webtools to enhance LISTENING

This afternoon, I presented a session about sites to help students improve their listening skills to a group of teachers.
These are the sites I selected for the talk.

Webtools to Enhance Listening

Interactive GRAMMAR games

A colleague of mine, Claudia Melo, shared a great link with our group CULTURA EDTECH yesterday. I had already seen the site, but had completely forgotten about.

The site ESL Fun Grammar Games offers a variety of flash games to practise GRAMMAR TOPICS

Types of games:
  • Hangman
  • Snakes and Ladders
  • Fling the teacher
  • Spelling
  • Catching
  • Sequencing
  • Walk the plank
  • Jeopardy
  • Spin the wheel
They also offer VOCABULARY and PRONUNCIATION games.

August 17, 2010

Creating PODCASTS with Myna

I normally use AUDACITY to make my recordings, however I'm aware it can be a bit challenging to newbies due to the fact that you have to download the program and then also download Lame to convert your recordings to MP3s.

I was looking for something simpler to show to a group of trainees I have for the online course I facilitate and remembered AVIARY's audio editor MYNA.

This is a short TUTORIAL I've created to help teachers record themselves so that later they can use the mp3 file to make a screencast at

Next month, I'm starting a new course for ESL / EFL teachers who are familiar with the tech world but would like to learn a bit more.

During CULTURA EDTECH "Moving Beyond" , teachers will be able to learn how to create their Blogger blogs, explore webtools and post mini lesson plans, try out online video editing tools, create screencasts and presentations they can share online. Interested? Just send an e-mail to and I can send you more information.

August 16, 2010

AUDIO Puzzler - practise Listening

Interesting site to practise listening.

1. Click on an audio bubble to listen to a snippet.
2. Type the text as you hear the audio.
3. Drag and drop to assemble the pieces of the audio puzzle.

AND IT'S FUN! Try it out.

August 6, 2010

Amazing WEB 2.0 projects

I've been meaning to share the wonderful e-book Terry Freedman has put together and now at the beginning of a new semester I believe it's the perfect moment.

I strongly believe DEVELOPING PROJECTS is the way we can make learning meaningful and give our students the chance to discover, interact, produce and learn.

Terry Freedman gathered 87 projects developed around the globe with WEB 2.0 applications.