August 17, 2010

Creating PODCASTS with Myna

I normally use AUDACITY to make my recordings, however I'm aware it can be a bit challenging to newbies due to the fact that you have to download the program and then also download Lame to convert your recordings to MP3s.

I was looking for something simpler to show to a group of trainees I have for the online course I facilitate and remembered AVIARY's audio editor MYNA.

This is a short TUTORIAL I've created to help teachers record themselves so that later they can use the mp3 file to make a screencast at

Next month, I'm starting a new course for ESL / EFL teachers who are familiar with the tech world but would like to learn a bit more.

During CULTURA EDTECH "Moving Beyond" , teachers will be able to learn how to create their Blogger blogs, explore webtools and post mini lesson plans, try out online video editing tools, create screencasts and presentations they can share online. Interested? Just send an e-mail to and I can send you more information.


Bob said...

Ana Maria,

Thanks very much for the Myna resource. One suggestion: Get rid of the background hum and hiss of your recordings by using a USB microphone/headset in place of what you are currently using. The difference in sound quality is phenomenal.

Ana Maria Menezes said...

Thanks, Bob. Yeah, you're right I didn't use the USB mic this time.