February 10, 2009

Speaking characters

If you are a Star Trek fan, you'll probably enjoy this. Transform yourself into a Star TRek speaking character. It's easy and free. You can grab the embed code to publish it, grab a link or publish in facebook.

Create Your Own

How can we use this w/ students?
  • Use the text-to-speech feature to give your students a dictation. Sts have to go to the class blog, listen to the dictation and bring it to the following class.
  • Have sts create a speaking character and publish it in their own blogs.

A talking potato: strange but fun

Oddcast PoweredCreate Your Own

Talking CATS and DOGS - choose one of the pets they have or use a picture of your own pet, customize it with accessories, choose a background ( animated), use the text-to-speech function (you type and the animal reads your text) or select a preset text. Nice to send birthday messages like the one below.

Animated Gifs or avatars

Create your own animated gifs or avatars using LOOGIX. It's very simple. Get a photo from your computer, select the effect and grab the embed code. That's all! Via dkapuler.


Loogix.com. Animated avatars. Swirl

Loogix.com. Animated avatars. Motley

Loogix.com. Animated avatars. Painting

February 8, 2009

The Message from Water

One of the tasks for the images4education course for week5 is to share a story you´ve told digitally using one of the web tools suggested. I decided to tell the story about Masaru Emoto´s work which is called "The Message from Water" He is a Japanese researcher who studied the molecules of water and what happens to these molecules when they´re exposed to music, words and thoughts.

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