February 10, 2009

Speaking characters

If you are a Star Trek fan, you'll probably enjoy this. Transform yourself into a Star TRek speaking character. It's easy and free. You can grab the embed code to publish it, grab a link or publish in facebook.

Create Your Own

How can we use this w/ students?
  • Use the text-to-speech feature to give your students a dictation. Sts have to go to the class blog, listen to the dictation and bring it to the following class.
  • Have sts create a speaking character and publish it in their own blogs.

A talking potato: strange but fun

Oddcast PoweredCreate Your Own

Talking CATS and DOGS - choose one of the pets they have or use a picture of your own pet, customize it with accessories, choose a background ( animated), use the text-to-speech function (you type and the animal reads your text) or select a preset text. Nice to send birthday messages like the one below.

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