October 30, 2007


Watch a wonderful video I´ve found:

Any idea on how to use this video? I thought of asking students to describe the scene to each other. Don´t you find it poetic?

October 14, 2007

Creating online material with Windows MOVIE MAKER

This is a quiz I created for my basic students. Do you like music? Can you say the names of these singers or bands? Hope you like it.

LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdUgTvkz0Wg

October 6, 2007


This site had me baffled. It´s like virtually visiting a city and being able to choose where to go, go into certain shops, see what people were doing. It´s amazing. I never thought that would be possible. So far, there´s only one city , San Francisco, but there will be other american cities soon. Can you imagine once they start doing that with famous capitals in the world, and make it possible to visit famous landmarks without leaving your home? It´s really worth a visit.


http://www.blabberize.com/creation/playBlabber/418 click on the PINK button.
A great site where you can make talking pictures. This is my trial. I read it in Larry Ferlazzo´s blog that a French teacher had her students created a character to read their compositions. Isn´t it a great idea? Very cute!

Busy and Working

I´ve haven´t posted here for some time now. Well, let me tell you why. I´ve been involved in different projects and have been posting in class blogs. So now it´s the moment to share my work with you.

1st - The "Beautiful places in Brazil" Project: Students were invited to create powerpoint slides in which they had to describe a beautiful place in Brazil. They had to write in English and had to make a minimum of 4 slides. http://pi3blog.blogspot.com/

2nd - The Brazil - Portugal Project: Isabel Neves, a teacher in Portugal, invited me to have a joint blog where our Pre-Intermediate students could discuss common topics. At this point they are introducing each other in personal profiles. http://brazportblog.blogspot.com/
Hope you enjoy the projects and feel free to leave comments!