October 6, 2007


This site had me baffled. It´s like virtually visiting a city and being able to choose where to go, go into certain shops, see what people were doing. It´s amazing. I never thought that would be possible. So far, there´s only one city , San Francisco, but there will be other american cities soon. Can you imagine once they start doing that with famous capitals in the world, and make it possible to visit famous landmarks without leaving your home? It´s really worth a visit.


Maria Claudia Bellusci said...

Dear Ana Maria,
Every time I stop at your blog, I find interesting stuff displayed. This time I just wanted to say "Happy Birthday", but couldn't resist visiting a couple of links to the useful sites you comment on.
Good job, friend!
All the best for you!

Ana Maria Menezes said...

Thanks Claudia,

My birthday is my favourite day in the year. It´s the day I receive the biggest number of hugs. Thanks :)