April 27, 2007

Adding audio

I had already been able to record a message at odeo but this time I tried something different. I recorded a file about my eating habits into my MP3 player which has a WAV extension, then I used zamzar.com to convert the file into mp3 extension. Later I uploaded the mp3 file to odeo, got a code for the player and here it is. Now I know I can use this when recording my students in class. FINALLY!

powered by ODEO

This time I´ll try to insert a mini-console suggested by Dennis Oliver. Hope it works:

April 20, 2007


You can use this site to embed files (word, powerpoint, etc) to your blog. Look what I found there. Aren´t these pictures amazing?


This a wonderful tool I saw in Sharon´s blog www.webheadtools.motime.com. It´s from voicethread.com and allows other people to leave voice messages. Great tool! Please do leave me a message.