May 15, 2011

Learning with/from Janet Bianchini

I love following Janet's Bianchini's blog "Civitaquana - Janet's Abruzzo's blog"

What I like about it? I love her creative ideas, love the way she uses comics and photo editing tools to make her images even more interesting, love the happy tone of her posts and am enchanted with how willing she is to exchange ideas, help and share.

Well, you can imagine how happy I was when she accepted my invitation to present her session to us:  "Digital Storytelling in the Digital Era" . We had very few attendees (maybe because it was Sat. morning), nevertheless, we had a great time learning from her.

This is the ppt she used during her talk:

I loved her idea of using different webtools to narrate the same story.
You can listen to her session HERE. Click VIEW RECORDING.
As we waited for more attendees to join us, my suggestion is to let the recording upload a bit and then watch it as of 18 mins after the beginning of the recording.

Create your own Animation


Camila Sousa said...

Aninha and Janet,

Thank you so much for sharing great ideas! I have watched the WiZiQ session and loved it. Thanks once again.


Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Ana Maria

Thank you very much for this lovely post. I feel so honoured to be included here! I had a fabulous time during the presentation, and you were very kind to help me so much beforehand. I

I absolutely loved the amazing cat card!!

Many best wishes

Janet :-)

David Deubelbeiss said...


Great stuff! I'm going to do a presentation on bookmaking this week and this is a nice complement.

I've been a huge cheerleader of Tarheel reader. It should be a go to for all teachers who want to make digital books. Gary has created a simple gem. If teachers are interested in making books there, they can get info. through EFL classroom 2.0.


Janet Bianchini said...

Dear Camila

I am so glad you found the presentation useful. Thank you for your kind comment.



Janet Bianchini said...

Hi David

Thanks for popping in to read about my storytelling efforts :-) I'll have to look into Tarheel reader, as it sounds really interesting.

Best of luck with your presentation!


the gamer blog said...
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