March 28, 2011

My Picks from YOUTUBE this week

Have a look at these great videos.

  1.  All you need is love - a beautiful video of kids from India and Africa singing  the Beatles song.
  2. Glogster in the classroom - high school students talk about their projects with Glogster.
  3. For the birds - cute animation that could be used as a discussion starter about "Bullying".
  4. Education is broken - great talk by Chris Lehmann
  5. Reel Wisdom - a collection of quotes from famous films
  6. Porcelain Revised Score - beautiful short movie about 2nd world war
  7. What teachers make - great video about education
  8. What's the role of teachers today? - Interview with Marc Prensky
  9. Acceptance speech by Alfred Hitchcock - fantastic, a must-see
  10. Language as a Window into Human Nature - RSA animation 

Oh, I used TUBESNACK to make the video playlist above. There are other video templates to choose from.

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