March 3, 2011

Create LISTENING DICTATIONS for your students

 I've already used LISTEN AND WRITE in class, however I only noticed I could make my own dictations very recently. These are my first trials. I recorded the audio with AUDACITY (mp3 file) , then uploaded the audio to the site, added the transcript, synched it with the audio (a bit tricky) and THAT'S IT!

These are two LISTENING DICTATIONS I've created, the first one I dedictated a text from the course book (Face2Face Upper) and the second are isolated sentences using verbs which require GERUND or INFITIVE.
So what is good for me? via kwout
Sentences GERUND or INFINITIVE via kwout

Wanna learn how to create your own?
Watch the TUTORIAL below or this one for HD


Bob said...

Great tutorial, Ana Maria. I've been wanting to add content to Listen and Write but never quite succeeded. Your steps are easy to follow.

Ana Maria Menezes said...

Glad you found the tutorial helpful, Bob. I had a tough time trying to get it right too. :)

steven said...

I want to introduce you new feature of Listen and Write.
It is "Groups" which enable the teacher to make their own group for their students.