March 11, 2011

Playing with fonts

A selection of sites you can play with fonts:

 FONT DE MUSIC - add music to your font

FONTSELF various fonts with embed codes

MYLIVESIGNATURE  create your handwritten signature for e-mails and blog posts.


TEXTANIM  animate your text

 ICON SCRABBLE - use icons to make a text

SPELL WITH FLICKR Use Flickr images to create a text. (Contribution by Drew McAllister)


Drew McAllister said...

Thanks for this list, Ana! I especially like iconscrabble. Another you might like is -- it uses flickr photos to spell words, and you can swap letters when it doesn't look the way you want.

Ana Maria Menezes said...

Dear Drew,

Thanks for the tip. I think I have seen this flickr site before but had completely forgotten about it. Will include it in the post.