March 23, 2011

Telefable - The eyebrow story

I've found this story via David Deubelbeiss' tweet this morning.
As he suggested, it's a great story you can use in class. CLICK on the image to read this cute story.


  • Use the first page to ask students to describe Sean in pairs. Then, ask some students to tell the group. I believe many students won't know the word EYEBROW. 
  • Ask them "How would you describe his eyebrows?" then go to page 2
  • You can have students read it silently while you pass the pages, ask different students to read it aloud or read it yourself.
  • "One day it was very windy".  Stop and ask "what do you think happened? "
  • "I have an idea " Ask students to talk together and think of what idea Sean had.
  • Ask students what new words they've learned.
These are some structures from the story, you can work with. Ask if students can remember the original sentence, then get students to say different variations.
It was so (windy) that ...........
He (ran) as ...... as he could

Do you have any other ideas? David, any ideas?


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