March 24, 2011

Cool Noticeboard - SCRUMBLR

Scrumblr is another "noticeboard " tool , like Wallwisher, Linoit and Stixy.

How is it different from the other similar sites?

  1. It's incredibly simple, just click on the +, double click to edit and drag your note to the board.
  2. Two people can edit the same note.
  3. You can't write much on each note.
  4. You write a note only. No photos, videos or links.
  5. No embedding option.
  • Great site for leaving simple messages, e.g. birthday messages.
  • Useful for brainstorming topics.
  • You can post the beginning of the sentence and ask students to finish that using their imagination. Ex: If I were a millionaire ....
  • You can ask all students to use the same structure to make a sentence. Ex: I'm looking forward to .....
  • Build a story together asking students to add their notes linearly. (MY EXAMPLE BELOW)
This is my first trial, after learning about it via NIK PEACHEY 

Would you like to contribute to the story? 
Just click on the + button, double click on the note to edit and drag it to the board. 


Anonymous said...

I edit the notes but as soon as the curser moves of the note everything dissappears ? Help please...

Ana Maria Menezes said...

Strange, to create a new note, click on the + below the board and then drag it to board.

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