February 27, 2011

Max My Dream - writing tool

This a BEAUTIFUL site suggested in a tweet by @evab2001.

You can write your dream in a 140 characters and then see it animated.
What I liked about it? The idea of making you think of your dream, the beautiful background music, the  imaginative way of representing our dreams, EVERYTHING.

After typing in your dream, you can share it via Twitter, facebook or even embed it, like I did just below:

My dream was: I wish one day all nations would be united in peace, helping each other overcome their difficulties and learn to respect their differences.

  • have students talk in pairs about their dreams for the world or fot themselves, then ask them to write about their dream in a maximum of 140 characters. They use the site and share the link or embed their dream in a class blog below the original dream they wrote.
  • You can also have students write their dreams show the video to sts in class, and have sts guess from the images what the original words were.
*** If the music disturbs you while reading the blog, click on the SOUND ICON to turn it off.


    Daniela Tomatis said...

    Hi Anamaria,
    thank you for sharing this great tool! I'll try it next week with my students.We've been doing a
    " I have a dream " unit , cross-curricular History, starting with M.L.King. This tool comes at the right moment :)
    We've just finished a class project, "Strange Animals", and there's a Voicethread too. My sudents would love to hear comments from Brazil! Of course, only if you have time..Thank you again

    Ana Maria Menezes said...

    Great Daniela, perfect tool after studying M.L. King's famous speech. Great it's going to be helpful. Let me know how it goes. I'll check your voicethread project, for sure.

    Sanja said...

    Hi Ana Maria,
    I have just found your post and this interesting tool through Facebook and couldn't resist trying it immediately.
    I can't wait to share it with my students and have them guess my dream because it is about them and their future work.
    I'll also ask them to write a dream but to concentrate on some topics we discussed in class and to share it on our class blog.
    Thank you for the idea.

    Ana Maria Menezes said...

    Dear Sanja,

    It's an enchanting little tool, isn't it? As soon as you've used it in class, would you let me know how it went? Maybe we can post about it.