February 21, 2011

Task Challenge #2 - Creating a comic strip

Last Thursday, I proposed challenge #2 which involved students creating a dialogue with vocabulary from the previous units (EDUCATION)

Students were asked to use http://writecomics.com  and use a minimum of 5 new words.

This is a sample created by one of the students.

All the comic strips are being shared at our school wiki (for projects) and will be shared with parents.

How will I give them feedback?
  • Well, I've decided to write down some common mistakes and then talk to the class as a whole not mentioning names.

  • Common mistakes noticed: some students don't know the right collocations for scholarship, lots of students forgot to use DID in questions in the past, and some of them invented some expressions using literal translation from Portuguese to English. All in all, I guess they did a good job.

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