February 5, 2011

CO11 Free Online Conference - Time to share and learn

Fantastic free online sessions taking place this weekend.

Presenters will discuss the following topics:

To participate, click on the link below, check the session that interests you, and a few minutes before the session starts, click on the link of the session, click JOIN THIS CLASS, and then LAUNCH THIS CLASS.

I'm planning to watch two sessions today:

1. Blended Instruction w/ Blogs and Wikis for Young Learners (Shelly Terrell and Greta Sandler)
2. Language in Motion: Teaching with the Flow (Janet Bianchini)

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Janet Bianchini said...

Dear Ana Maria

It was lovely to see you at my session on Saturday evening. Thank you so much for attending it. I hope to post feedback on my blog as soon as I can, and I will also add the links.

Best wishes