August 25, 2009

SCREENR - screencasts for Twitter

It's never been easier to create tutorials like now with SCREENR.

This is how to do it. Sign in with your TWITTER account, then click on RECORD. Resize the shooting screen to focus on the area you would like to record on your screen. Click RECORD and start speaking. It records everything you say and do with your mouse. When you're done, click DONE , write a text to go with your tweet and wait a while (about 2 minutes). After it's been tweeted, you can also grab an embed code to publish it in your blog, have a URL address, publish it in youtube (if you have a youtube account) or download it as an mp4 file. The quality of the image is superb.

It couldn't be easier!

This is a screencast I made to show two colleagues how to remove a student from an edmodo group you've created.

This is my screencast in twitter

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