August 26, 2009

Adding audio files to your blog

Adding audio files to a web page can be quite tricky depending on the site you use. Today I tried AUDIOPAL and found it amazingly easy and practical. You can record your audio by phone, use a microphone or upload an existing audio file, then you type in your e-mail address and you get an e-mail with the link to an embed code you can publish. It's that easy! No registration needed. I learned about this site via Technology Tidbits

MY TRIAL: I recorded a checklist for teachers doing the Cultura EDtech online course.

The second site for audio recordings is RECORDR
You can record VIDEO or AUDIO only, then grab the embed code and publish it. You can also tweet your recording with a simple click.

Untitled recorded by guest

How can I use these sites with students?
  • You can leave messages for your students in class blogs.
  • You can have students record dialogues in class and then publish them in the class blog.
  • You can send sts a dictation they have to write down for homework.
  • You can read a text about a content sts are going to see in the future.

After a comment left by Alex, this is a trial using VOCAROO
Vocaroo is also very simple. No need to sign up. YOu record and can get a link or an embed code. You'll see the quality of the recording was not so clear.

My trial with CHIRBIT

Chirbit is slightly more complicated than the others, you have to sign up, and after recording it provides you with a link and the possibility to share in various sites. Couldn't find an embed code though. Sound quality was not the best either.

Well, my evaluation would be the following: if you want to record something simple, audio only, my choices would be AUDIOPAL and VOCAROO (sound was not so good).

With RECORDR I have the option of having a video made and it's as simple as Audiopal. The only thing I didn't like so much was that even recording audio only the embeddable player is very big.


Alex Francisco said...

Hi Ana,
I haven't tried AudioPal yet. Mainly because it sounded pretty much like Vocaroo and Chirbit. Would you recommend it over these two?

Ana Maria Menezes said...


thanks for reminding me of Vocaroo and Chirbit. You're right, AudioPal is very similar to Vocaroo but at least in my computer I had better sound quality with AudioPal. Undoubtedly, AudioPal is my favourite.

Alex Francisco said...

Thank you for taking the time to experiment with the 3 of them. :) I'll follow your lead and start using AudioPal instead of Vocaroo. As for Chirbit the only thing that got my attention was the Branching Fiction area, since I thought it would be a good thing to try with my students. But I suppose you can try that type of activity with AudioPal too.