Audio Books read by actors

August 31, 2009 2 comments

I'd like to share a site I've come across which offers you the experience of reading, watching and listening to great books. The storytelling is done by well-known actors. I had such a nice time reading the books!

This is a part of one of the stories I loved : "Stellaluna"


  • Alex said...

    Hi Ana,

    I love Storylineonline too. It's great that you can see as well as hear the story being told, and the activity sheets they make available is a definite plus too. But I also like StoryBee (, because it has a wider variety of stories divided by age group.

  • Ana Maria said...

    Thanks for sharing another great site with my readers and I. Storybee has a wonderful amount of stories, but as I'm very visual, storylineonline is still a favourite. I've shared storybee with my facebook friends.


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