August 22, 2009

Revisiting Xtranormal

Xtranormal is a wonderful webtool you can use to create animated movies.

Dianne Krause has created a nice xtranormal movie talking about education in 2025. Interesting stuff!

This is another example we can use for language teaching. By selecting a character, a scenario and a script we can introduce any language point. This is an example of another movie created by Dianne Krause, this time in French.

You can also ask sts to create their own movies with language you've focussed. Isn't it a fantastic tool?

These were my TRIALS
To use Xtranormal, create a free account and then click on MAKE MOVIES. Select what kind of character you want, select the scene, write the script and then add animations, looks, music and so on. Click on ACTION to have a preview and when it's done, click on IT'S A WRAP. After your video has been published in Xtranormal, you can also publish it in youtube by clicking on a button. Simply and easy. I'll definitely use it in my classes.

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dkapuler said...

Xtranormal is a great site, thanks for blogging on it, as I have never fully explored it to its fullest potential.

Perhaps you'll find BC V. IV a useful resource as well. This one focuses on search engines that can be used as an educational tool.