August 31, 2009

How to embed a PREZI presentation

It's amazing what you can do with PREZI. I have already posted about it here, and now I decided to show you how to embed presentations you create with PREZI. They only offered you a link before.

Once you've created your prezi presentation, click on the link they give you and you'll be taken to a page with your presentation. Below you'll find the embed code (which was not available a few months ago).

There are two kinds of players you can generate:

simple navigation - the one I embedded below which you have to click in order to take you along the path I've created.
autoplay - which plays as a video.

You can also share your presentation in twitter or facebook with a simple click.

To watch an intro about Prezi, click here


dkapuler said...

Ana, I'm glad you found Prezi to be such a great resource. While I thought it was cool, I never had much success w/ it. It just didn't work the way I would've liked. However, the majority feel that it is an excellent resource because it is so innovative and I'm glad that you do use it.

I've really enjoyed following your blog and the "cutting edge" things you do.

Finally, the latest BC is up, volume 5 on digital art and online photo editors...

Unknown said...

Hello David,

so , what went wrong with Your Prezi? You're right, I really find the movement in Prezi innovative. I'm kind of tired of the same linear ppt presentations we use in class.

I'll check out your new posts. :)

dkapuler said...

You are right the look of Prezi is wonderful especially not being linear. However, when I tried to create one, it was like using some kind of bizarre wonder wheel, and it just wasn't user friendly enough for me.

For example, I would try to add a picture, and the next thing you know, I slightly clicked off the image button and was instead adding a link w/out even knowing it.

I will say, I was using a very early version of Prezi when it was still in early beta, so maybe it was just buggy back then.

I do think it is super cool though and should probably give it another try.

dkapuler said...

Ana, I could not find an email contact, but wanted to know if you use Plurk? It is similar to twitter but really gaining in popularity for education. You will find like minded individuals here who love integrating technology.

Here is my profile if you'd like to follow along, hope to see you there!!!

Ana Maria Menezes said...

Hello David,

my e-mail is and I do have a plurk account but to be honest I never use it. It's too much stuff to do. My work online is based in my blog, twitter and facebook. I hardly ever go to my orkut account (it's huge in Brazil and I only use it to keep contact with family). I've added you as a friend in plurk though...

Anonymous said...

I haven't yet determined how to embed a prezi in my wordpress blog. I am quite surprised that no explanation is ever actually given for how to embed a prezi anywhere even when someone declares to be explaining it--including on the prezi manual. The only references are sometimes made to some code which is extremely long and does nothing when inserted into a blog. Absolutely nothing. It's jibberish. I've embedded other things with short codes just fine. I'm a bit amazed really.