August 29, 2009

Creating with ACAPELA. tv

I was reminded of this site by Bob Palmer's post in his blog. He suggests giving dictations with the videos you create. It's a text-to-speech application, or better the character speaks whatever you type in.

GOOD POINTS: it's very cute, easy to use and you can type in various languages.
BAD POINT: you can't publish all your creations ( found no embed code for some) but you can grab a link. :(

This is a dictation I've created:

Another cute card As this one does not provide the embed code for publishing, I used screenr to record it.

How can you use this with students?
  • as suggested by Bob Palmer, create dictations for your students.
  • create vocabulary dictations with words from previous lessons.
  • Create a listening comprehension activity where sts listen to a character introducing himself and answer questions.
  • Have sts create their own speaking character using language they've studied.

Paul E. Glott can tell you how to say lots of things in many languages. Try it out! You type in the sentence, choose the language and Paul helps you out. Cute!

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