August 5, 2009

Fotoviewr- photo gallery

This is a different way of viewing your flickr photos. It's very simple, you click on get started, choose the kind of gallery you prefer, type in your flickr username, select the set of pictures you would like to see, and voilá the site creates the photo gallery for you.

What I like about it - it must be very beautiful to look at on the e-board and looks very futuristic.

What I didn't like about it - I wish we could select pictures from overall flickr filtering by tag. This way we could show various pictures to our students on a given topic.

After creating your gallery you can share it in facebook, orkut or publish it in your blog by grabbing the embed code.

1 comment:

gleentea said...

Thanks very much for featuring my widget. It's so cool to see people use it.


Pek Pongpaet
FotoViewr founder