August 30, 2012

VOKI project with EFL students

In a previous post,
I described a project I intended to start with a group of students this semester.

Well, I have  proposed the project to students ...

... and have been surprised with the results so far.

I was thinking of having students write their first draft, show the text to me, then I would correct it and give them back the marked paper. But then, I changed my mind, so now, students send me their draft, I record a screencast while I correct their text, explaining the mistakes and giving them a sample of how to read the text, the student watches the correction , records himself/herself reading their own text and then share it with the rest of the class as a listening dictation.

 To record the screencasts, I've been using a site called EDUCREATIONS, also an app for the ipad.

 Each week, one student is supposed to create a 50-word text with language recently learned. This last week, we've been exploring vocabulary that has to do with education. I was delighted and surprised with the text/recording created for this week where this young Brazilian student talks about education in Brazil.

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