August 25, 2012

TECHNOLOGY on the go - a podcast about edutech

"Technology on the go" is a podcast channel created by Camila Sousa (living in Chicago) and I (in Brazil) with the aim to talk to different teachers around the world about how they have been integrating technology to their classes. 

Camila Sousa and I often meet in skype to exchange ideas about how we've been using technology in our classes. Then, we thought "Why not share these learning moments with other teachers? "

The episodes will be recorded once a month and will have the duration of 10 mins max.

Check out our first episode which has just been recorded! 

The episodes are intended to be a very informal talk where we can learn from each other. Hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we did talking to each other. Thank you, Kay, for the lovely interview.

The TECHNOLOGY ON THE GO podcast page is

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