August 5, 2012

My EDTECH picks - August 2012

SCREENLEAP - an easy way to share your screen activity with anyone. No need for downloads or sign ups and best of all it's free.

PRESENTISTA - a way to create a presentation. Very similar to Prezi, but still in it's BETA version. They have very few transitions now but it's promising. Let's wait and keep an eye on what comes next.

SUPALOGO - a super easy way to create text logos.

POWTOON - another promising Presentation tool. You can create your presentation with super cool transitions, add characters, speech bubbles, images and sound effects. You can save your presentation online or download it to youtube. What I miss is the possibility to add links to the presentation. It's a bit more challenging to use then ppt or Prezi but it is surely a breath of fresh air when it comes to presentation tools.  AWESOME !

VISUALIZE - an iphone/ ipad app which allows you to create posters using text, images, cut out photos, stickers and then share it online. LOVED IT!

VIRTUAL WRITING TUTOR - paste your text and have it check the spelling and grammar.

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