August 25, 2012

Songifying the First Conditional

Last week, while studying how to talk about a POSSIBLE FUTURE using the First Conditional, I asked my students to create their own sentences hoping to make it more meaningful to them. I checked their sentences and used my own IPAD to record two different students reading their sentences using SONGIFY (app available for ipad, iphone and androids).

I explained to them that in a following class we would use the sentences as a dictation where they would be the ones reading to each other.

In a class, this week, I attached my ipad to the projector and told me we would have a challenge. We would TRY to understand the TWO sentences on each recording. As the sentences are changed into a musical version by the app, it is truly a challenge. We developed the activity as a whole class: students listened and then I elicited the sentences from them writing it on the board.
 After playing all the recordings and eliciting their sentences, I asked them to look at the examples and tell me what structure was present in all examples. IF + S. PRESENT + S. FUTURE 

Oh, I forgot, to download the audio file created by the app, just send each recording to your e-mail and download it. SIMPLE, SIMPLE.

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