August 2, 2012

Creating AUDIO QR codes

I wish we had an app which would allow us to record voice , host it, and automatically generate a QR CODE.

Well, TOKKERS does that for a price :(. As an educator in Brazil, I'm always looking for webtools and apps which are FREE so that they can be used to promote learning.

All things considered, in order to make an audio qrcode, I end up having to use two different tools: one to record and host the audio and another to generate the code.

So first, I used my AUDIOBOO app to record myself reading a poem and then grabbed the audio URL.

Then, I used to generate the QR CODE and saved the image.

So, if you scan the code with you cell phone, you'll be able to listen to the poem.


Sra. Carro said...

I have been looking for how to do this for so long! Thank you for showing a FREE way! I also invited you to contribute to my QR Codes board at Pinterest. I hope you'll accept!

FlapJack Educational Resources

Ana Maria Menezes said...

What a lovely blog you have Mrs. Carro. I love the idea of using QR codes in class. I've accepted your invitation at Pinterest, by the way. :)