September 4, 2009

Screenshots and twitter threads in Twitoaster

I was looking for an online tool whick would capture screenshots without having to download any program, like kwout for example. I love kwout but I wanted sthg that would allow me to make annotations and then publish the image. I am tried of the print screen + paint + save old pattern. I tweeted the question and got two replies so far. I decided to give Clip2Net a try, although I had to download the program. :(

This is the screenshot with annotations. It wasn't so difficult, but I'm still looking for something in the net which does that with no downloads.

The other tool is TwitToaster, a tool where you can follow the threaded discussions you have in Twitter. This time I used Kwout for the screenshot. The advantage with Kwout is that the screenshot keeps the hyperlinks.

Then, thanks to Alex's comment to this post, I decided to try and was happy to find THE TOOL I was imagining: no program to download, free, grabs your screenshot, lets you add annotations, resize it , save it to your desktop or grab the URL and embed code to publish it in the web. Everything in one tool. Thanks , Alex. One more time you've suggested a great tool.

doodle.png  on Aviarydoodle.png on Aviary.

The screenshot below was done with by writing before the URL of the page I wanted to take the screenshot of. I'd like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who answered my question in Twitter: Kalinagoenglish, Thieddu, Carla Arena and Alex.

doodle.png  on Aviarydoodle.png on Aviary.

There are two ways to use AVIARY,
  • one is to type before the URL
  • the other is downloading the aviary firefox add-on.
If you want to take a screenshot of a page you have logged in, the first way doesn't work properly as aviary takes you to the front page instead of the logged in page. The most efficient way then , assuming you use a firefox browser is to get the add-on.

This is a screencast showing my test of both Clip2Net and Aviary add-on.

The same video from YOUTUBE.


Alex Francisco said...

Hi Ana,
I usually use Fireshot, a firefox add on or aviary which allows you to install an add on or to use it freely if you just add "" before the URL you want to capture. So, for instance, if I wanted a screenshot of your blog and didn't want to use the add on I would just write:
Both Fireshot and Aviary allow you to make annotations on your screencapture.
Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Try Jet Screenshot ( it requires download too, but is better than clip2net

Unknown said...

Thanks, I'll have a look at Jetscreenshot too.

Jack said...


You can add annotations using kwout.

Please try "Add annotation by Pixlr" in the "Post" section in the above URL, then you can add annotations to the image.