September 20, 2009

Music + Images - Moodstream

This is a wonderful site to enjoy by yourself or even use with your students. I came across the site this morning while browsing the wonderful "Whiteboard Blog" . In this post "11 Ideas for Music lessons on your IWB" dannynic suggests various sites we can use for class activities.

Below I'd like to share a short screencast of my first exploration with Moodstream.

How can we use this with students?

  • Use moodstream in class while you organize the classroom and while sts get settled in class. If you have an IWB in class, the images will really attract their attention.
  • Select a mood, play the selection for some minutes and ask sts to write freely what they think or feel at that moment. Sts then could share what they've written and see if they felt the same way.
  • Divide class into Students A and B. Students A face the board (or TV), Sts B face sts A but have their backs to the board. Sts A describe the images they can see while sts B only listen. Then, swap pairs.
Experience MOODSTREAM yourself and enjoy.

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