September 4, 2009

Lingt - online class assignments

José Picardo in his great blog BOX OF TRICKS, has written a post about Lingt - Webtools for teachers.

This ia a description of what teachers can do with LINGT

This is how you do it:
  • you (teacher) create an account, and create a class.
  • Create an assignment where you can add text, images, audio and youtube videos. Students can respond via audio and written form. Therefore you can assign written and speaking homework.
  • Assign the HW to a class.
  • Give the link to your sts and they will be able to hand in the assignments individually.
  • You (teacher) can assess the turned in assignments and mark them.

As a test I've created a kind of dictation (just a trial) and a Read and Practice Pronunciation assignment.

What I liked: the possibility of adding recordings to ask for sts to repeat and record, how easy it is to create the assignment, how you can assess the assignments and the fact sts don't have to create an account to do the assignment.

What I didn't like: if you create a listening dictation for assignment , there's a problem: no pause button on the recordings. With the first click you PLAY, with the second you STOP, so you can't pause to have time to write down sentences.

Jose Picardo's assignment
is a very good example of what you can create with LINGT.


José Picardo said...

Hello Ana Maria,

I agree that Lingt is a wonderful tool for language teachers and I look forward to putting it into action when term starts for us next week.

Once thing that I have been thinking about is: why just languages? Lingt could conceivably be used for any subject.


Unknown said...

Yes, you're right! Can you imagine adding videos related to literature, geography , history and have students write about it?