September 17, 2009

Phreetings - Photo + Greeting

With Phreetings you create greeting postcards with images or videos + a sentence. It's quick and easy.

You type in a word in the search box to look for an image or a video, then you choose the one you want, add your text and you can send it to someone by e-mail or grab the URL to share it.

I've taken a screenshot to show you my postcard + greeting.

How can we use it with students?

  • students can create greeting messages for special occasions and send it to each other.
  • sts can create haikus (short poems) and use the text box to type in the poem after selecting an image that could go with the poem.
  • sts can create short texts about themselves and choose an image to go with it.
  • sts can choose a video and write a short text saying why they recommend it. MY EXAMPLE (unfortunately the link doesn't seem to work :( )

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