September 24, 2009

Tagul - great tag clouds

Just discovered Tagul via Thoughts from a tech specialist . It's similar to WORDLE for making tag clouds but goes beyond. It cannot be used to filter texts like wordle does but if you want a tag cloud for your blog, it's a perfect choice. You choose the shape of your cloud, choose colours for the tags and each word in your cloud is linked to a URL and is clickable. This is the tag cloud I created with my blog tags.


dkapuler said...

Tagul, is an absolutely great resource, one example I like is to use Tagul on a piece of writing the kids did (that's been uploaded online) or use it on your own blog to see interesting results.

BTW, you're column is now up online, thanks again for doing that. I hope you don't mind I just used your profile pic, I can change that if you like.

dkapuler said...

whoops forgot the link..