August 3, 2008

Producing online content

  • This is a post where I´ll try out various tools Larry Ferlazzo has suggested in his blog. With your mouse try to put the words in order and read the message I´ve written.

With Bluegreen you upload your picture, add accessories, choose a destination in the past,present or future and record an account of your holiday.
How can you use it with students?
Your students can create imaginary holidays and record/ write about it along with selecting the images. It´s great fun doing it, by the way.

THis is the link to my trial message in a Caribbean island.

With you can add captions to photos. Something I didn´t like was the fact you can´t edit the size of the balloon or fonts.

This is so BEAUTIFUL!!! First select English as the language, then write your wish, select the style you want your message in and finally e-mail it to a friend/ friends.

This is my trial message, hope you like it.

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