August 20, 2008

Creating animations

This is a great site I found in Joe Dale´s blog, where you can create incredible animation! It´s quite easy to use, there are plenty of templates, characters and actions to choose from and you can send it to friends via e´-mail, embed it in your blog or make it public in the site. One BIG DISADVANTAGE is the impossibility to view it full screen, but the developers have been working on that feature (hope it´s available soon). Check out my trial video made with the objective of presenting SHOPS people go to.



Alicia said...

You're right Ana, goanimate is one of the best applications to create animations- I'm currently working on a project (and you're invited to join in, of course)

Another possibility was to get teens at a beginner level to represent their own or somebody else's families with the animations (their own voices were added to the clips):

And now I am planning to get some teens at an elementary level to work on something similar to this :

Hope the ideas shared on this post are useful for both your blog visitors and you!

Ana Maria Menezes said...

wow, Alicia! I´m sure going to check that out and show it to other teachers. Thanks for sharing your work with me!


Alicia said...

You're welcome!

And... have you tried Flowgram?