August 7, 2008

New Title

Did anybody notice my new blog title? After having seen many nice blogs, I decided my blog needed a fancier title. The previous one didn´t look much like me, I mean, I do like classic but I JUST LOVE colours. My darling daughter who is really into photoshop kindly made this one for me. Check the BEFORE/AFTER. I really think it looks better.



Illya Arnet said...

Hi Ana Maria
Lovely title now.
I really like the mirror effect!

Ana Maria Menezes said...

Hello Illya,

Great to see you drop by from time to time.

anamaria :)

Teresa Pombo Pereira said...

It's great! Love it! How did you make the logo?

Ana Maria Menezes said...

Hello Teresa,

Glad you liked my logo. My daughter made it using photoshop. It´s really cute, isn´t it?