August 29, 2008

Exploring Larry Ferlazzo´s blog (Part 1)

One more time, here I go exploring Larry´s blog. This is a collection of sites I´ve selected from Larry´s blog to teach vocabulary.

Picture Vocabulary - different topics (picture + sound)
Phrasal verbs

a cute song+ video about clothes (for children)
video about BUYING clothes
clothes GAME
video: What are you wearing today?

Body Parts (match words(sound) + picture)
Lots of body parts with picture + pronunciation
The human body (page explaining more parts of the body)

Sports Game (for 1 or 2 players, use keyboard for 1 player)
Match word+sound to the picture

Presenting food (picture + sound)
food lesson on powerpoint video
Listening exercise for food
Tableware- picture + sound
food maize (listening activity)

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