June 18, 2008


I have just discovered WORDLE from Isabelle Jones in her blog "My languages". Isabelle Jones teaches French, Spanish and German and seems to be an edutech enthusiast as well.With WORDLE you can add a text or isolated words to the text box and have them mixed up into various ways and colours.

This one, I´m going to use with my Inter B students who have just learned vocabulary related to films. I´m going to ask them to look at the words for about a minute, try to memorize them and then write down as many words as they can.

You can also use it as a lead-in to a lesson about films, show them the words and ask them what the lesson will be about. Any other ideas?


Isabelle Jones said...

Hi Ana Maria
Thank you for the mention and the idea on how to use wordle to teach languages. I have started to collect more ideas from other bloggers under the new "wordle" delicious tag that can be accessed from my blog.
Hope it is useful!


Ana Maria Menezes said...

Thanks for the comment Isabelle. I don´t know if you noticed but I´ve just added you to my feevy box (my blog feedreader) therefore I´ll be following you.