June 13, 2008

Video: Eating out

This week, during my Basic 1 lessons, we focused on language used to order food in restaurants.

After practising the language in class, I asked pairs or groups of students to create their own dialogues, rehearse and then present to the class. During their presentations, I recorded the dialogues in my mp3 player and had planned to post them in our class blog.

Today, I decided to add all their recordings into one video where I added images to help understanding (with windows Movie Maker). Do you think they´re going to enjoy watching it?


Nina Lyulkun said...

The video is really wonderful! The great job, Ana Maria. You've been doing a lot of work to make blended learning perfect and productive.
Thanks for sharing. You are the one I to be patterned.

Thanks a lot.

Larry Ferlazzo said...

Ana Maria,

Excellent video!


Ana Maria Menezes said...

Dear Nina and Larry,

It´s wonderful you have left comments and have enjoyed our video. We had a great time recording the dialogues.