June 22, 2008


After reading about this site in Larry Ferlazzo´s blog, a blog I often read, I decided to give 280slides a try. It´s very easy to create a presentation and get an embed code. I advise everyone to try the tour first which makes using it simpler.


  • you don´t need to download any program.
  • you can have access to your presentation from anywhere you want (provided you have internet access)
  • it´s extremely easy to use.
  • you can share your presentation with people (via e-mail) , you can embed it in your blog (like I´ve just done), and you can even watch it FULL SCREEN from your blog.
  • you can download it to your computer.
  • you can download it to slideshare.
  • It´s FREE!!!!!

  • you can´t add effects to your sentences, so your presentation becomes poorer.
  • there are very few available templates.

I´ve just read an interview with the creators of 280 slides and they are planning on offering importing options for powerpoint files. That would make it perfect, provided you keep the effects you created in powerpoint. I can´t wait to see what´s coming next.
All in all, I have a very positive feeling towards trying 280 slides again. The clean interface is very helpful and easy.

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