June 22, 2008


OUTSHOUTS allows you to record messages along with songs you select to send to friends via e-mail or even embed in your web page. I liked it. Of course, be careful with the song you select. It´s very easy to use and I gather it might be very nice to receive too. Check it out! Oh, and I´ve become blond again! hahahahaha

HOW can we use it with students?
Well, we could ask students to write messages to friends and send each other a message along with a favourite song.


Michelle Soleau said...

Students and teachers can use OUTSHOUTS to share new video -- you can use the search tool on the homepage to search for any topic you can think of (from yoga lessons to lectures by Noam Chompsky). Give it a try -- it's really fun.

Ana Maria Menezes said...

Thanks Michelle for contributing to the thread with ideas for using outshouts with students.I tried to visit your blogs in blogger but they seem to be at the beginning. Do you have any other web page?