June 1, 2008

Another cool site for editing images

This is a cool site I found in the blog "Thoughts from a Tech Specialist" . It´s called Be Funky and it offers tools I hadn´t seen in any other site so far. YOu can cartoonize pictures, create your avatar, distort images and so on. Very nice!!!


Berta said...

Very cool, Ana Maria. Thanks for sharing.
As I mentioned in my Twitter mail to you, my students are starting to open blogs and we will be writing in them until the first week of july. I just have 7 students but only 4 have created their blog accounts. Our course has a sort of laid-back atmosphere where students do their work at their own pace. That´s why 3 are kind of behind.
When does your course finish?

Well I hope we can figure something out. Meme sounds like a good way for them to meet and know more about one another.

Here is our pageflakes in case you want to have an idea about them. Their writing is OK, some -in fact-write really well. http://www.pageflakes.com/writingatusb/

Hoping to hear from you, cariños, Berta

Ana Maria Menezes said...

Hello Berta,

I had a look at your sts´s blogs and feel we can work together. Do you have your sts e-mails? This week I´m collecting their e-mails, then they will choose one to meme with 3 questions. They will answer the 3 questions in their post this month. What do you think? If you can send me your sts´s e-mails this week, I´ll include them to the list. My e-mail is anamariacult@yahoo.com.br